Monday, September 15, 2008

Virginia Scottish Games Shows

The Devil's Tailors played our first Highland Games, the Virginia Scottish Games, this past weekend. And we had a blast! The games returned to Sky Meadows again this year, a wonderful setting out west of DC in Faquier county, with rolling hills that immediately suggested the Highlands. The weather, not so much. Things were hot and muggy on Saturday, and hotter if less muggy on Sunday. It was a great games, with Rathkeltair and Alex Beaton on the main stage, and along with us, Elke Baker, the Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club, The Winchester Celtic Circle, Dileab Phriseil, and The Wise Maids, along with Becky Ross w/ Julie Gorka and Rosemary Hall on Saturday, and with Liz Donaldson on Sunday, to play for the NoVA branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, who demonstrated for us. The fiddle contest Saturday morning was equally fun, with some great talent turning out to contend for the title.

I'm not ashamed to admit we got the gig because I was running the fiddle tent. So, as Chris pointed out, this made us the house band.

We were running behind on Saturday, and did an abbreviated set at 4:30. The games was thinning out, but we had a small but loyal crowd, who sat with us through a sudden rainstorm. When the rain began, I began to wave to Andy, who was working sound, to get instruments and cables out of the rain. Andy saw my gesticulation and asked "What? What am I supposed to turn up?" But it still went very well, and though Jim's cittern cable and Chris' drums were out in the rain for a few moments, nothing was damaged, and Jim wasn't electrocuted.

The Sunday show went without a hitch, and because we went on mid-day, we had a really good turnout. We were able to play a full hour, and were very tight and energetic. Chris and I were really clicking on the pipe sets, and I was feeling a fun wildness on the fiddle sets.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and sticking around, including the little girl who danced to our music on Sunday, and the fiddle club regulars who braved the rain for us.

If I come across pics, I'll share them!